Lusso Lux Events Kick Off in a New York Fashion

Lusso Lux Events Kick Off in a New York Fashion

October 24 Luis D Ortiz

It all started 24 hours before our NYC departure when I received the best message. Monica and I would be receiving an invite to a charity event in NYC hosted by Colin Cowie for the Lalela Project. With our flight literally landing an hour before the event, we took over the plane with sheer determination be on time and soak up every minute. Trays down and make up out we proceeded to get ready, right there in our seats while other passengers smiled. Have you ever tried to put on false lashes during turbulence? Let’s just say we are lucky they didn’t end up on our foreheads. A quick change in the airport bathroom and we hopped in our UBER car headed towards Duane Park for the evening. Everything was in in our favor as we rolled up with perfect timing and a huge thanks to some of Colin’s amazing team members who whisked our luggage off so that we didn’t have to make our grand entrance with suitcases in hand…whew, we made it.
Once inside I stood there taking it all in, the surroundings of this beautiful intimate venue, the sounds, the taste of the champagne and the beautiful guests. As I look across the room and get my first glance at Mr. Cowie, I need someone to pinch me. I cannot believe I am here.
Dinner, burlesque, great company, throw in a some Gail King (I felt that much closer to Oprah) and a New York Housewife…our evening was complete. This was the stuff that dreams are made of, at least for a creative junkie like me.

We started off Day 2 with our Drybar ritual. (Blowouts, the best invention ever especially for two girls with lots of hair!) A few hours later we were standing in a penthouse at 75 Wall Street getting ready to shoot promotional videos with our client, Ryan Madrid of VIP Mortgage, Inc. and one of the Stars of Million Dollar Listing New York. Why were we standing in this penthouse with these people? Well, we are excited to announce our first official Lusso Lux project! Together with our client VIP Mortgage we are bringing you a one of a kind Real Estate event on October 24, 2014 with the dynamic star of Million Dollar Listing New York, Luis D. Oritz. Luis brings a passion and energy like no other. He literally lights up a room when he walks in and after a few minutes of speaking with him you can’t wipe the smile off your face. His energy is absolutely contagious.

I feel fortunate to say this past trip to New York was truly a most memorable experience. From meeting one of my top inspirations in the Event Industry, Mr. Colin Cowie, to doing a video shoot in a Wall Street penthouse, our first official business trip is going to be hard to beat. As far as I see it, we are off to an amazing start.


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